The Advantages And Disadvantages Of British International Schools In Malaysia

Malaysia is an increasingly popular choice for international students studying in Britain. Known for its equally balanced curriculum, world-class testing standards, a wealth of extracurricular activities and high transferability, it’s easy to see why over a third of all the world s external schools choose the British National Curriculum for England as their official curriculum. Malaysia, however, is also well known for its stunning rural landscape and interesting local culture. As a student looking to pursue an education in the country, it may seem that a large proportion of your time will be spent in the classroom. However, with so many interesting activities on offer – ranging from treasure hunts to treasure excavations and acting classes – the amount of time spent actually learning is likely to be much less.

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English schools in Malaysia tend to follow a similar syllabus to those found in England, with many adding extra lessons and giving their students a greater choice of electives. In addition, British schools in Malaysia tend to offer their students a choice of a foreign language (usually Mandarin Chinese) and many other subjects such as art, music, dance and education. This means that students can pursue their particular passions with a greater degree of freedom than would be possible in a traditional school. International schools in Malaysia are therefore particularly beneficial to overseas students who are interested in Britain but whom its curriculum simply does not allow for.

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British schools in Malaysia often have a slightly stricter curricula than their counterparts in the UK, as part of a push by the Malaysian Government to produce an internationally recognized education system. Classes are generally smaller and less comprehensive, though this can depend on the school. Many schools still require parents to apply for a teaching visa before agreeing to take on a student from a foreign country. However, the numbers of schools offering this service are increasing steadily, as the government encourages foreign students to return home and study in their home country. It is also thought that in the future this trend will spread further, with more British schools in Malaysia creating similar programmes to those found in the UK.

British schools in Malaysia tend to favour students who speak English as a first language (ESL), so it is important to check to make sure that your prospective school has a facility in place for ESL classes. If you prefer to learn another language other than English, then it may be worth your while to look at schools offering courses in Chinese, French, Arabic or Japanese. These are all popular languages spoken in many parts of the Middle East, and many students will find that they make friends there who speak fluent English.

There are numerous options available when considering british international schools in malaysia. Some will be specialist language schools catering to a particular region, while others may offer more generalist options that can be used to cater for almost any student. The size of the class and the number of students involved will go a long way towards identifying whether the school is right for you. Once you have made contact with the schools of your choice and narrowed down your search, then it will be up to you to start communicating with the staff and making arrangements for a scheduled interview. As long as you are prepared with a good understanding of the requirements of the program, you should do well during your meeting.

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